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GINNIE was born out of my desire to start my own business, to be my own boss and to do what I love.
GINNIE it is also my investment and my fight for a project that is my own and that is close to my heart.
It was my attraction to costume jewelry that drove me to create GINNIE.
I appreciate the fact of being able to change jewelry according to outfits, occasions ... and thus be able to embellish with jewelry similar to real gold but at much more attractive prices.


It is often said that COVID was the event that changed the way many people think about their professional future. Still, that wasn't the only thing that gave me food for thought. The arrival of my second child precipitated things. So I asked for a conventional break and left my position as a payroll manager. A job that I enjoyed and had been doing for almost 14 years.

But it was time for me to move on. Yet this was not my first attempt to start a business. I tried for a long time to start a business where I sold my own creations by crochet or knitting. But this activity taking time and having a salaried activity on the side, I quickly gave up. Then I tried to offer decorative objects. Ditto, I was running out of time.

Then COVID came, and that was the big challenge. Did I want to continue like this and not do something for myself? Or did I want to keep working for someone else's dream? Without thinking, while it was a period of crisis and lack of budget for many companies, I made my request for a conventional break. And fortunately, it was accepted. I was finally able to really focus on my project.

Reselling jewelry wasn't my first idea. I did not imagine myself reselling it at all but rather making it. Of course, this idea, to make my own jewelry, does not leave me. But I decided to start by offering jewelry that I would have chosen myself, with particular care, for specific customers.

I searched for a long time for a name for my company, a name that would look like me. And what could be more like his own name and surname?? Yes! GINNIE these are the first 3 letters of my last name and the last 3 of my first name. An idea that came to me following an order on a site. On the latter, when the order is validated your name and surname appear only in part and suddenly only the first 3 letters of my name and the last 3 of your first name remain.

Today GINNIE exists, it is a beautiful "baby" that continues to grow and that, by dint of work will become a large and beautiful company.